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Ukrainian Project

Dear Folks,

      I would like to share my experience with the Peter and Paul Ukrainian Church of Spring Valley, which my wife Viktoria is involved with.  The Church was asked to march in the St Patrick's Day Parade in Pearl River, NY.  This parade is the largest St Patrick's Day Parade outside of NY City.  It is full of Bagpipe and Marching bands. There were tens of thousands of people watching.  What was absolutely surprising to me was the 75 of us who marched with the Ukrainians were wildly cheered for.  I have never had the experience of being cheered for an hour straight.  It was so overwhelming that I only clapped back at them so that I could hold my tears back. 

       I asked the woman who oversees the donations of clothing and medical supplies for the church, what she needed.  She said a shipping pallet costs around $500. All their Humanitarian help is sent directly to St Michael Archangel Church, in Tysmenytsia, Ukraine, directly from Peter and Paul Ukrainian Church.  There, the priest distributes directly to the people what they need.  They are coordinating the medical aid, equipment and products needed for people in front lines of the war.

         So I will offer this to you all.  If you would like to make a donation to St. Peter and Paul Ukrainian Catholic Church in Spring Valley (Humanitarian Help for Ukraine), I will send you a signed print of your choice below.  Please send me an email with your print selection to  Mail the checks to me and we will personally deliver them to the Priest in Spring Valley.  It is tax deductible and you will get a letter.  Thank you so much for even considering.  If you want the image framed and matted, please contact me at 845-358-7031 for details.

Any Donation, an 8"x10" photo

A donation of $75 or more, an 11"x14" Print.

A donation of $200 or more, a 16"x20" Print.
A a donation of $500 or more, a 20"x24" Print.

A a donation of $1000 or more, a 24"x32" Print.

A donation of $2000 or more, a 30"x40" Print.


Victor Gagliardi

39 Hudson Ave

Nyack, NY 10960

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