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Our Friends
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and information pointing to Victor Gagliardi’s friends.


Radio Interviews
CLICK HERE to listen to an interview about the book

A Turning Point, with Victor Gagliardi, conducted by Zara Larson of Jolt Radio, Tucson, Arizona.

CLICK HERE to listen to an interview with Victor Gagliardi about his new book, Opening Up, conducted by

Zara Larson of Jolt Radio, Tucson, Arizona.

Bioenergetics Press is a publisher of psychology and psychotherapy books and articles
related to Bioenergetic Analysis and other mind-body psychotherapies
and they carry my new book “Opening Up”.

Gary Gagliardi is an internationally-known strategic trainer, award-winning author and a world leading authority on the classical strategy of Sun Tzu’s The Art of War.
We are not related but he is like the older brother I never had.

Dr. Zara Larsen heads The Larsen Group: Architects of Change, a private consulting firm dedicated to helping others unleash potential through transformational change and does a great radio talk show in Tucson.Listen to her shows, she did 2 interviews with me.

Peter Lukic has been the design architect of all our Books, Cards Boxes,
Journals, Website and anything else associated with our print and media work.
He has been dedicated to creating classic work while taking us in to the 21st century.

Moon River Mother and Child is THE HUB of activities for Moms and their little ones in Rockland County, NY. Music Together classes build on a child’s natural enthusiasm for music and movement.

Sonalee’s Dance Studio is a Professional Bollywood Dance Training School that is dedicated to the various dance techniques of Bollywood. The training consists of classic Bollywood dance mixed with Western fusion techniques.

Neither snow nor rain nor snickers from students can keep John Votta, 67, from his self-appointed rounds as the unofficial traffic cop of the east side of Washington Square, which he calls a hazardous stretch where distracted New York University students rushing to class ignore speeding cars, trucks and cabs.  One recent weekday, Victor Gagliardi, a photographer from Nyack, N.Y., stopped on the street to listen to Mr. Votta for perhaps 20 minutes. “He’s not crazy — he’s performing a real service,” he said. “Listen, everyone has to have a purpose in life.”

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